my all-time crushes

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they are all, my all-time crushes.

those 2 guys with guitar above are Choi Jong Hun and Jung Yong Hwa. i fell in love with them for the first time i saw their performance with their own band, FTISLAND and CNBLUE. both of them are those bands’ leader. i really love EVERY SINGLE THING about them. every single thing, i tell you. they are beyond perfect.

the next K-pop guy beside Jong Hun is Yong Jun Hyung, B2ST’s rapper. he’s such a hot stuff. LOL. i mean, he can be so handsome and sexy at the same time, esp when he starts rapping. i feel so sad lately, knowing the fact that he smokes. but who am i to forbid?

that smokin’ creature below Jun Hyung is Alex Pettyfer. i’ve been keeping this crush for him since i was in senior high school. when i first watched his first movie, The Stormbreaker (well thanks to Sir Imam, my english teacher who provided times and letting us saw this movie)… i knew i’m gonna like him forever πŸ™‚

that kind of crush i have with Alex, goes the same with Kevin Zegers, the next guy beside Jun Hyung. Β but with him, is way longer in time. i love him since i was in elemetary school. you know, Air Bud 1, 2, 3, 4 and MVP movies. and i saw him starred on Gossip Girl 3rd season, and i was like…. hooomygod πŸ˜€

that guy below Kevin is… what can i say… mmm perfect creature maybe. haha. i love him since i watch Gossip Girl. Nate Archibald maybe unstable, but this hunk namedΒ Chace Crawford makes my heart really unstable. LOL.

last but not least is Ian Harding. caught him up in Pretty Little Liars as a hottest teacher on earth, Mr. Ezra Fitz. well, there’s nothing much i can say beside… he stole my heart with his smile.

and i guess i left that blank spot for my……. dearest future husband out there. haha πŸ˜€



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if you mind :)

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b r i g h t

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me and my buddies at Benderang 2011 (malam keakraban HI Unpad)

taken by the committee

such a great night πŸ™‚

been a long time

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gilak, udah lama banget ye gue ngga ngupdate wordpress hahaha. yauds. buat ngobatin kerinduan dan mumpung gue abis beres-beres kamar kosan, gue mau pamer… hahaha

kamar gue ga begitu rapih sih hehe… because i’m not a neat-freak. soooo here are the pics

wondering why i put this SNSD poster above my pillow? no, it’s not that i”m dreaming to be like them. no, absolutely not. ngapain amat, itu juga kaki samapahanya pada diphotoshop haha.gue cuma suka sama konsep fotonya aja. simple and elegant. i really love their dresses and shoes.

spend most of my leisure time watching movies, kalo ngga ya browsing di kasur pas lagi mager ke meja (anjir padahal deket gitu kan). and the best past of this corner is, when i wake up every morning i always see Jonghun’s face. hahahahaha!

my best buddies and my dorm mates ❀

favorite part of the table is my favorite cds. FT Island, CNBLUE, BEAST, EndahNRhesa, & Maliq ❀

see… i’m not that neat 😦

need a looooot of posters to cover up this see-through bathroom.

sampai tua ya :)

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meet my lovely girls

Noorfajrina Indah Permata, Annisa Lutfianti Adjani & Arinta Adyanti Tamin


Inda - Anis - Inta - me πŸ™‚

awalnya dari suka duduk paling belakang di kelas Primagama waktu SMP, berisik bareng, makan bareng, jalan bareng, dan semua kegilaan itu berlanjut sampe sekarang dan semoga seterusnya sampe kita jadi nenek-nenek. amin :*

#nowplaying when i suddenly feel so sad and desperate

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1. Rooster – Angels Calling

lagu yang paling gue suka dari album Rooster yang pertama. entah apa yang lagi ada di pikirannya yang nyiptain lagu ini, gue ngerasa ini lagu sedih parah.


2. Clazziquai Project – Take A Walk

gue biasanya dengerin kalo lagi ngga mood ngomong sama orang lain, lagi pengen sendirian.



dua lagu diatas menurut gue juara banget sedihnya. gatau sih menurut orang lain gimana.

give me your sad song!

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